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How modifiable is Deltarune? Very modifiable. How many mods can you cram into Deltarune? A lot. 

Anyway, here's a compilation of mods I made for Deltarune! Which includes Dogs! Corruptions! Lasers! and Guns?

I've spent around about two and a half months on this thing, and I think it turned out pretty great. However, this isn't the final version of this mod compilation. So, if you have suggestions on what to add to this compilation, please tell me!

Also, instructions on how to control/activate all fun events are shown in the in-game manual. Just boot up the game and you'll see.

Credits and Stuff


  • (V1.02)
    • Added new page to fun manual (How to get around without having to play through the entire game)
    • Added new ending cutscene
  • (V1.00)
    • Inital Release

Anyway, enjoy the mod and stuff!

Install instructions

[1.] Find your DELTARUNE installation dictionary.

(By default, it's in C:\Program Files (x86)\SURVEY_PROGRAM)

(These instructions are meant for the Windows version of Deltarune, but it should be a similar process on Mac OS. However, I don't know where Deltarune is installed on Mac OS.)

[2.] Make a backup/copy of this dictionary so that you can revert later.

[3.] Click and drag the files from the 'SURVERY_PROGRAM' folder inside the .zip into the installation dictionary (not the backup one). Replace all files.

[4.] Aaannnd that's hopefully it!

(These instructions are also included in the "[[ READ ME ]].txt" included in the zip.)


[V1.02] Deltarune Fun Mode (By Agentalex9).zip 24 MB

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