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Chaos, Chaos!

Here's a new extension to Deltarune Fun Mode, Deltarune Fun Mode: Chaos Edition. Basically, it's the same kinda thing as the original Fun Mode, but it contains mods entirely around Jevil.

This mod compilation is its own separate thing from Deltarune, meaning there's no modding or installation required to get it working and it doesn't affect/need your Deltarune save file. All you need to do is launch the executable, and ta-dah! All the FUN in one neat package!

There's also a configuration file, which is inside the "config" folder. Here, you can change various stats (HP, Attack, etc.) of party members or of Jevil (note that some stats may be overwritten by specific gamemodes). Make sure to read the "[README].txt" for further instructions and notes.

Not sure if I'm going to add anything else, apart from bugfixes, if they're needed. But, if you really want something in this mod compilation, please tell me and I'll consider it!

Credits and Stuff


(V1.11) [29/3/2020]:

  • Added New Gamemode! Dog Mode!
  • (It even has custom battle music composed by me, and voice acting by Toby Fox himself!)
  • Fullscreen is BACK! Woo!!
  • Added New Susie Spell for Fun Mode! TNT spell!
  • WASD controls now work properly (Sorry left-handed people!)
  • Pressing W no longer activates Yellow Heart.
  • Added more and modified existing secrets.
  • Added pacifist variables (i.e. Pirouette/Hypnosis) to Speedrun Mode.
  • Changed background of secret mode to an appropriate colour.
  • Changed some dialog.
  • Some internal optimisations and bug fixes.


  • Added new and modified existing secrets.


  • Fixed hitboxes of Jevil's Final Chaos Scythes.


  • Fixed bug where the pitch of Jevil's voices doesn't get reset after Fast Mode.
  • Fixed bug where Yellow ACT's bullets don't appear on Final Chaos.
  • Added New Gamemode! Triple Mode! (Originally by krzys_h).
  • Removed Fullscreen option, for real this time!
  • Changed credits to say V1.10.


  • Fixed bug(s) where Kris' attack resets to default value.
  • Changed text "Press [Z] to shoot!" to include corresponding key.
  • Removed character name stat from config file.
  • Changed credits to say V1.09.


  • Fixed bug where stats reset to default values instead of config values.
  • Changed credits to say V1.08.


  • Fixed bug where choosing "Reset to default" in controls crashes the game.
  • Fixed bug where Kris' attack doesn't get reset after changing Solo Mode.
  • Fixed bug where external config file wasn't loading.
  • Changed credits to say V1.07.


  • Fixed hitboxes of Jevil's Scythes, for real this time!
  • Changed credits to say V1.06.


  • Made Clubs Bullet attack harder on Hard Mode.
  • Made Spade Ring attack harder on Hard Mode.
  • Made Final Chaos attack harder on Hard Mode. 
  • Made Scythe attack harder on Hard Mode. 
  • Fixed hitbox of Jevil's Scythes. 
  • New Game Mode! Fast Mode! (2x Speed). 
  • Removed saving gamemodes feature.
  • Changed credits to say V1.05.


  • Fixed bug where Yellow ACT was on, even though Fun Mode is off.
  • Fixed bug where using Pirouette while Fun Mode is on softlocks the game.
  • Removed Fullscreen option.
  • Adjusted TP cost of Yellow ACT to 40TP.
  • Changed credits to say V1.03.


  • Initial Release (Also known as the most buggy release ever, apparently...)

Anyway, enjoy the mod and stuff!


[1.11] DRFM Chaos Edition (By Agentalex9).zip 82 MB

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it can on windows 7?

seriously i have windows 7 i think im old


Will u make Android version soon? 

like da toby

Will you Add The Old Easter egg Setup Room of  1.1.0 to 1.1.1 next Update?

The easter egg's in there. It's just activated differently than before.


I was playing on the game with fun mode, triple, hard, and sans mods activated, then on the final chaos... well, why do I have a feeling you've had this error popped up before?

Uh, I would like if you can add saving in this, I keep losing progress with max jevilstail and going to config feels like cheating, so if you decide to add in saving I'll appreciate it.

the configuration menu is unchanged, the only insteresing thing that can happen During the config menu is that after a while on it a Message appears Telling you some stuff before crashing the game or idk.

(1 edit)

I was just wondering, if it's possible to get your 60 fps mod (for deltarune) working in this? Just a idea/suggestion.

Deleted 349 days ago

No, it feels a bit cheap to put in other people's stuff. I'd rather create everything myself, like sprites, music, SFXs etc. (Even the Triple Jevil thing was made by me, I only credited krzys_h because he did it first).

part 1 part 2
part 3
part 4
part 5
part 6 ending

And only now I understood what "(but also modified)" in Triple Jevil means. It doesn't crash on Final Chaos! Well you've made my job harder.


Mmmmm... Hard mode is pretty easy to be honest... Maybe do something like Insane Mode? Even harder than Hard Mode?


You can always just combine it with other game modes (like Chaos mode, Triple mode etc).

im making a mod of this game based on a mod of a game, and i wanted to know how to edit the dialogue (or text or whatever)  using the undertale mod tool. or you cold just include a lang folder like og deltarune.

Just search for the dialogue/text using the search bar at the top left. Double click on "Strings", double click on the text string, then edit its contents.

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I wanted with the full screen, the small screen barely enough to see the game right

(1 edit)

What resolution do you have? It should automatically resize the window anyway. On a 1080 monitor, it takes up most of the screen (it resizes to 1280x960).

(1 edit)

same size as the original deltarune when it has a small screen and just wanted the f4 button to get bigger and smaller the screen would help a lot in gameplay

SANS MODE?! Well, bud, very cool.

Shhhh! Don't tell anyone!

(It doesn't actually matter)