A downloadable mod

When an in-joke is taken too far.

This is a mod/WAD for DOOM 2, featuring Ralsei from DELTARUNE, but he has a gun. A couple of guns in fact. You might want to stay as far as you can away from him.

(Look how menacing he looks!)

Explore and make new friends!

Well, there's not actually that much to explore (there's only, like, ten minutes of gameplay). But there's plenty of friends! And they're completely harmless! Maybe.

Entertain your new friends with cool party tricks!

Yeah, party tricks! Like the chainsaw, the pistol, the shotgun, th- uh... y'know... p-party tricks. Just don't aim the party tricks directly at someone, that doesn't make it cool.

Credits and stuff

Anyway, enjoy the mod and stuff!

Install instructions

(Instructions updated for GZDoom V4.3.3)

[0.] I assume that you have DOOM 2 already installed somewhere, which contains the "DOOM2.WAD" file in the installation folder. Here's a link to the Steam version:


[1.] Download the lastest version of "GZDoom". The version number should be
higher than 4.0.0 for the mod to work properly.


[2.] Click and drag the "gzdoom.ini" (included in this zip) into the folder that
GZDoom is installed in.

If you already have a file called "gzdoom-[USERNAME].ini" in the folder, delete
it or move it somewhere else, so that GZDoom can be configured correctly to
play the mod.

[3.] If you installed the Steam version of DOOM 2, then all you need to do now is click and drag the "RALSEI_GUN.WAD" file onto the GZDoom executable.

If not, then place the "DOOM2.WAD" file in the same place where you installed GZDoom, then do the same thing as I said above.

[4.] Aaannnd that's (hopefully) it!


Ralsei's got a gun! (By Agentalex9).zip 17 MB


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i just played this entire mod, its pretty good!

Genocide route time =)



This mod is so well done! Too bad you won't make a full game :( (Or will you?)


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I brought that stupid box from Rouxls Kaard's puzzle all the way to the end of the wad. I don't know why. I just did.

its so funny;)

I loved it, after beating it i pressed ` for the console, did some magic and got the BFG! great fun destroying a pack with it.

Nice work!

I also want to say that you can play this modification just by downloading Freedoom (Phase 2) for free, without buying the original Doom 2, and it really works. So if you don't want to suffer with buying (or pirate), you can use this method!

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Tried it out and i gotta say it's well done, i had fun with the boss fight!

Felt back then when i beta tested an Undertale mod for doom... you got the style quite right!

i really hope we can see the rest of the map hopefully!