A downloadable mod

Hey, make sure to check out the DELTARUNE version of this mod!


It's Undertale, but every SFX is replaced by text-to-speech voices

And I mean every sound effect, even some music as well! The TTS voices have been manipulated in such as way as to make it sound close to the original sound effects, so it isn't just some voice saying [DAMAGE SOUND] or something.

This mod is actually more than a year old and had been sitting on my computer for a while, but now I've decided to release it. So enjoy, I guess!

(Also this mod contains some swearing)

[Instructions on how to install this mod come with the download]

Credits and Stuff

Anyway, enjoy the mod and stuff!


TEXT-TO-UNDERTALE (Patch Version) 37 MB


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kill papyrus

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heh heh i rlly enjoyed this game especially ince its Undertale


I Drew Gaster Sans and Papyrus


Bootiful OwO

ThankYou Mia the Police


nice drawing!


Bad drawing Bruh, My friend Is better than you 

nice drawing drawing things from undertale better than me

bada bing kiddo.

wait is this a macOS version pls be a macOS version


macOS sucks buy windows

no it dosen't and they can have they'r opinion sooo

How to apply it??

Hi im new  and i like undertale but i dont have a pc

wowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww è undertale finto m alo amo


do we need to apply the patch?



is this possible to do on imac? and if so, how do i download it for steam?

@rubyanimations i just got it online instead of steam so i got it for free


cool but plz make a undertale fun mode i really will like that

d'you mean : i really appreciate that